Our family dental practice has been providing comprehensive care in the Caledonia/Middleville/Hastings area since 1998. 

We provide a wide range of services which are listed below. In addition, we have strong relationships with a number of highly regarded specialists in the area, and should the complexity of your treatment require a referral, we are happy to arrange it for you. 

Hygiene Services

• Routine cleanings for children and adults
• Application of fluoride 
• Sealants Treatment of gum disease (scaling and root planning) 
• Maintenance of gum disease (3/4/6 month cleanings)

Restorative and Prosthetic Dentistry

• Fillings 
• Crowns 
• Bridges 
• Restoration of implants 
• Dentures 
• Partial dentures 
• Bite splints and night guards

Cosmetic Dentistry

• White fillings (composites)
Bleaching and whitening 
• Veneers





Studies show that a healthy mouth is an important element to your overall health.

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